12:29 PM

Vit Plant teams with Mississippi State to test filters

Vit Plant workers recently collaborated with Mississippi State University (MSU) technicians to test high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems in the Analytical Laboratory (Lab).

“This testing is an important part of our progress toward starting tank waste treating operations,” said Howard Sawyer, startup manager for the Lab. “We want to ensure that safety and quality are built into the Vit Plant so that we are protecting the public, workers, and the environment during operations.”

The HEPA filters weigh 72 pounds each and are used in multiple banks of four filters, called housings. The Lab holds 34 housings and 136 filters.

The circular shape of the filter traps contaminants better than previous designs and is relatively new to the nuclear industry. The filters are at least five times stronger than standard HEPA filters and exceed Vit Plant-specific standards and codes.

The Vit Plant testing team conducted the test, and the MSU team collected and analyzed the data and will provide a final report in coming weeks.

“Our strong partnership with MSU has been critical to our success,” said Tommy Davis, facility test lead. “This was an intricate and detailed process, from the prep work and procedure development through the actual testing, and we have been in lockstep with MSU the entire time.”

Vit Plant and MSU employees are now conducting filter tests in the Low-Activity Waste Facility and will eventually conduct them in the Effluent Management Facility.

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