Vit Plant Supplier Qualification

Supplier Registration Instructions

If you supply materials or provide services that we are likely to purchase, we invite you to register your company and update that information periodically. The more complete and current your company’s information in our global database, the more visible your company will be to the WTP Project as well as to other Bechtel projects.

Register and maintain your account details at

NOTE: Registration and expressing interest in a current opportunity helps provide visibility of your company to the WTP Project. It also provides the names of project contacts. It does not automatically place you on a bidders list. The WTP Project does not maintain a company wide “formal” approved bidder list. Bidders are pre-qualified independently for each opportunity based on project-specific requirements. You will only be contacted by a WTP Project representative to review your qualifications when you are being considered for inclusion on a bid list.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Preparation Guide

The following items may be requested as part of an RFP process:

  • Experience Statements
  • Manufacturing Data Checklist
  • Quality Assurance Program Datasheet and Manual
  • Safety & Health History
  • Organization Chart
  • Acceptance of Standard Vit Plant Terms and Conditions
  • Audited Financial Report or Annual Report
  • Safety and Health Program Guidelines
  • Representations, Certifications, and Other Statements of Offerors