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  • Vit Plant Chemists Begin Work at Analytical Laboratory

    The first team of chemists is setting up shop at the Vit Plant. The chemists will perform the first scientific work taking place inside the plant’s Analytical Laboratory to support starting the treatment of Hanford tank waste.

  • Vit Plant donates $39,000 to Toys for Tots, Bikes for Tikes

    Employees raised nearly $13,000 overnight to donate to the Toys for Tots campaign after learning of a toy shortage in our area. In total, Vit Plant employees and Bechtel donated $39,000 to the Toys for Tots and Bikes for Tikes campaigns. 

  • First lab equipment arrives at Vit Plant

    The first scientific instruments have arrived at the Vit Plant. Workers are collaborating with chemists to install the instruments throughout the fall.

  • Vit Plant teams with MSU to test filters

    Vit Plant workers recently collaborated with Mississippi State University technicians to test HEPA filtration systems in the Analytical Laboratory.

  • Bringing power to final DFLAW construction project

    Workers recently installed thousands of feet of electrical cables to a powerhouse at the Effluent Management Facility. The cables connect the powerhouse to the LAW Facility's already-operational electrical and network systems.

The Vit Plant

The Solution to Treating Hanford's Nuclear WasteLearn More
The Hanford Vit Plant is a first-of-a-kind project of immense scale and complexity. It will eliminate the environmental threat posed by 56 million gallons of nuclear waste currently stored at the Hanford Site in Washington state.

Virtual Tour

Tour the Hanford Vit Plant, VirtuallyGo to the Virtual Tour
We invite you to virtually tour the facilities being built at the Vit Plant. Take a peek into the nuclear facilities and support structures on the 65-acre site.

Direct Feed LAW

The Sequenced Approach to Treating Hanford's WasteLearn More
The Department of Energy developed a sequenced approach that would treat low-activity waste first. This approach, called direct feed low-activity waste, will begin treating waste as soon as practical to protect the Columbia River and the public.

My Mission

Sarah, Systems Engineering ManagerRead more
Sarah has more than 20 years of experience in the nuclear industry, including eight years working as a nuclear reactor operator. She worked at both a Department of Energy test reactor and an operating nuclear power plant.

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