Supply Chain Collaboration Events

Former Project Director Peggy McCullough gives an overview of the Vit Plant project to suppliers at the 2017 event.The Vit Plant's Supply Chain Collaboration Event is hosted by the Procurement and Subcontracts department and emphasizes collaboration between the Vit Plant and its supply chain. The event is focused on meeting the unique quality and safety requirements that come with working on the Vit Plant project.

Representatives from the Vit Plant's key suppliers and subcontractors attended the two-day event along with Bechtel corporate representatives, managers from the Department of Energy's Office of River Protection, and the Vit Plant's senior management team.

"The Vit Plant considers our supply chain to be an integral part of our project team and key contributors to the overall success of our mission," said Frank Salaman, Bechtel's manager of Procurement and Subcontracts at the Vit Plant. "This event provides us a unique opportunity to share information with our suppliers about our collective progress and the importance of their contributions, and to discuss key lessons learned that strengthen our relationships and work processes with our suppliers."

The annual event takes place in the fall and began in 2015.

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