Supplier FAQ

Am I required to register to do business with Bechtel?


Where do I register?

At When registering at this site, the supplier is also registering for Bechtel, globally.

When I register, am I registering only for the Vit Plant project?

No. You are registering with Bechtel, globally.

After I register, will I receive a notice of offer to bid?

No. Registering does not guarantee an invitation to bid.

On the Experience Statement pages, is it mandatory to complete all columns and list all current and past customers? Due to some nondisclosure agreements between us and our customers we are contractually bound not to release all of that information.

It is not necessary to list all previous experience. What we are looking for is experience relevant to the particular type of commodities you may be interested in bidding on. If you can create such a list with all columns filled in and without violating any nondisclosure agreements, that would be the simplest solution. If not, the most critical information is the contact information so that previous contracts can be verified. Obviously, we would prefer as much information as possible but we do understand the need to maintain confidentiality.

On the Experience Statement pages, can we just list primary contracts? We would have several pages if we listed all in-house projects. Is Bechtel mainly concerned with our primary contracts?

Primary contracts are just fine so long as they represent experience in the type(s) of commodities in which your company expresses interest.

For the Quality Program, can we simply submit a copy of our ISO 9001:2000 certificate and a copy of our quality manual? Is this enough information?

It is unlikely that an ISO-9001 quality program will meet all the applicable requirements of NQA-1 without some level of upgrade. The ISO-9001 certification may be sent, but it will not be used as a basis for evaluation. If you do not already have an NQA-1 quality program written and implemented, please do your best, using the Supplier Quality Assurance Program Requirements Data Sheet, to identify what sections of your quality program address each of the specific elements of NQA-1. You may also list implementing procedures, if there are gaps. Any listed procedures would have to be submitted (uncontrolled copy) with the quality manual. We would then review the program, resolve any comments, and perform a survey to verify implementation prior to placement on the Vit Plant Approved Suppliers List.

Since we are a privately held company, our Audited Financial Report or Annual Report is not available. It is our hope that our Dun & Bradstreet number is sufficient for verification. What do suppliers in similar situations typically provide?

Dun & Bradstreet numbers alone are not sufficient. What we normally do in such situations is request contact information for the person who could provide specific financial data on an as-needed basis. The specific data would depend on the circumstances.