Driving Decisions with Quality Information

Catherine has more than 30 years of project controls experience and has worked on Bechtel projects spanning six countries and three continents. She has helped manage the cost and schedule elements for major projects from start to finish, including power plants, oil and gas plants, and pipelines. Now Catherine applies her experience to the Hanford Vit Plant.

“An element of project controls is assessing cost and schedule risks by analyzing data and turning that data into meaningful information,” Catherine says. “Management relies on that information to make good decisions that will ultimately ensure projects meet their objectives and missions.”

Catherine joined the Vit Plant in 2003. She worked in a variety of project controls management positions before becoming the Vit Plant cost manager.

I make sure I can stand behind the information I provide.

The cost information I am responsible for drives management decisions for the entire project.

Catherine understands the decisons she drives are part of a crucial mission

“It’s hard to fathom that there are 56 million gallons of waste at Hanford, just miles from where people live and raise their familes. There’s also a river and a huge food industry here. That makes the Vit Plant mission critical to the northwest and to the entire nation.”


  • Catherine’s husband John works as a senior superintendent at the Vit Plant construction site.
  • “John and I take a lot of pride in working for Bechtel and at the Vit Plant,” Catherine says. “We’re working on something we believe in and for a company we believe in. We’re proud to be on the same team, and we want to see this project be successful.”