Supply Chain Collaboration Event 2015

This invitation-only event was held on August 6 & 7, 2015 in Richland, WA. Attendees included key suppliers and subcontractors providing high-quality materials and services to the Vit Plant. The event presented information focused on Vit Plant quality requirements.

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Event Presentations

Day 1:

Bulletproof Quality Video
BNI Projects
WTP Overview Video
WTP Opportunities Listing
Design Compliance Matrix (DCM)
Equipment Qualification (EQ)
Performing Design Analysis
Software Quality
Commerical Grade Dedication (CGD)
Supplier Quality Performance Trending

Day 2:

Strategic Supplier Relationship Management (SSRM)
Product Process Integrity Analysis (PPIA)
Supplier Audits: Maintaining Your QA Program
Supplier Deviation Disposition Request (SDDR)
Quality Verification Document (QVD) Presentation