Quality Beyond Construction

For Toni, building quality into the Hanford Vit Plant starts before any calculations are made or drawings are created; before any concrete, rebar, or steel is installed. As the software quality manager, quality starts with ensuring the software behind it all functions reliably and accurately.

"Software is used in every aspect of the Vit Plant. My job is to make sure that no one will question its design or construction based on software quality."

Toni has 38 years of experience in software development and software quality and working at Department of Energy sites. She worked on command control systems for the U.S. Air Force at the Idaho National Laboratory before she joined the Vit Plant project in 2002.

"Software errors and failures can cause design and construction issues, so the software we use at the plant is under tight quality controls. Any software we use at the Vit Plant has to first meet customer requirements and then be under configuration control while it is being used. If any upgrades or modifications are made, it must go through a change management process to ensure its quality was not compromised."

Toni manages ten American Society of Quality (ASQ) qualified software quality engineers at the Vit Plant. “We use hundreds of software programs, and we are committed to ensuring each one meets our software quality requirements."


"My grandfather owned the piece of land where the B-reactor was constructed, so cleaning up the site is personal. We clean up the Hanford Site by stabilizing the waste, we clean up my family’s land and legacy."