Ready to Tackle Any Challenge

Mike applies 35 years of nuclear engineering experience to designing a high-quality and safe Vit Plant that will stabilize Hanford’s radioactive waste. He joined the Vit Plant in 2003 and, as a project engineer, he has been instrumental in resolving some of the Vit Plant’s technical challenges.

For more than 20 years, Mike worked for the U.S. Navy. He oversaw refueling overhauls for nuclear submarines; served as head of nuclear quality control; and managed the repair, overhaul, and disposal of nuclear-powered ships. He learned to plan for best- and worst-case scenarios in a nuclear environment, which has enabled him to tackle challenges at the Vit Plant.

I welcome the challenge of designing a complex nuclear facility. It requires innovation to approach designs differently and

rigor to ensure we are meeting all safety and AT A GLANCE quality requirements.

A Pacific Northwest native, Mike understands the urgency of the mission.

“Fifty-six million gallons of liquid radioactive waste in aging tanks near the Columbia River is a huge liability,” Mike says. “We need to stabilize Hanford’s waste to protect the river, and glass is an impervious product. It can’t leak, leach, or dissolve. The way I see it, there is no choice but to get the Vit Plant built.”


  • I’ve worked here since 2003, and everyone I’ve met is talented and works hard. We have phenomenal people designing and building the Vit Plant. They’re committed to get this job done right.