A National Leader in Engineering

John has more than 40 years of experience developing engineering solutions in thenuclear industry, and he is a recognized expert in his field.

He talks about the inspection platform he and a team of engineers developed for nuclear power plant refueling outages in a casual tone that does not seem to capture the full impact of his work. With the platform, refueling cranes are no longer needed for inspections, and they can be used for other essential functions, therby shortening outages, saving costs, and maintaining safety.

“I love problem solving,” John says. “I love looking at challenges and finding solutions that work. It’s just what I do. It’s what engineers do.” It may be what engineers do, but John clearly does it well. He has led and served on the committees that write, analyze, and interpret the national engineering codes and standards for nuclear-grade vessels. The codes and standards are essential to ensuring safe and high-quality designs within the nuclear industry.

Now, John uses his expertise to tackle some of the Hanford Vit Plant’s most challenging technical questions. As a principal engineer, John is integral to designing the vessels and piping that will be used to process radioactive waste into a stable glass form that is safe for the environment.

At the Vit Plant, I feel like I get to do both.

Engineering is about problem solving and, if you’re lucky, making a difference in the world.


  • John has led and served on American Society for Mechanical Engineering(ASME) committees for conventional and nuclear-grade components:
  • Vice Chairman, Committe on Construction of Nuclear Facility Components
  • Past Chair, Subcommittee on High Density Polyethylene Piping
  • Member (Past Vice Chair), Mechanical Design Working Group (B31)
  • Member, Subgroup Component Design
  • Member, Subgroup on Editing and Review
  • Member, Working Group on Piping Design
  • Member, Working Group on Division III Containments
  • Member, Special Working Group for New Advanced Light Water Reactor Plant Construction Issues