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  • The Vit Plant

    Hanford Vit Plant employees are changing the world as they deliver a project that will protect the environment and millions of people who live in the Pacific Northwest. An ad and long-form explanation of the Vit Plant raise awareness of the Vit Plant’s mission and acknowledge employees’ efforts to design and build a first-of-its-kind facility.

  • Our Values are Safety & Quality

    Nuclear and on-the-job safety drives decision making at the Vit Plant.

  • Solving the Challenge

    Pretreatment and testing enables proper handling of each batch of complex waste.

  • Reducing the Risk

    The Vit Plant will eliminate the threat posed by the underground waste at Hanford.

  • The Right Team

    Bechtel's experience and leadership are solving the nation's toughest energy and environmental challenges.


Our Values are Safety & QualityLearn more
Our Values are Safety & Quality
Solving the ChallengeLearn more
Solving the Challenge
Reducing the RiskLearn more
Reducing the Risk
The Right Team

Vit Plant News

Vit Plant achieves first contract milestone of 2017Read more
Wed, March 29, 2017

Bechtel achieved its first contract milestone of 2017 when employees completed installation of the caustic scrubber, a 19-ton piece of vitrification melter offgas exhaust equipment, in the LAW Facility.

Featured Video

Significant Progress at Hanford Vit Plant in FY16
Uploaded February 17

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of River Protection (ORP) and contractor Bechtel National Inc. (BNI) have completed significant work at the Hanford Waste Treatment and...

My Mission

Joe has more than 25 years of experience in the nuclear industry and environmental cleanup, including eight years at Hanford and 12 years at the West Valley Demonstration Project, the nation’s first full-cycle vitrification plant.

Social Media

The employees at the #Hanford‬ Vit Plant are the right team for the job. Many are recog...Read more
Posted April 14

The employees at the #Hanford‬ Vit Plant are the right team for the job. Many are recognized experts in their fields and bring decades of experience. They are committed to the safe design, construction, and operation of the vital waste...