Hanford Vitrification Plant Photos 

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For additional photos, contact Staci West (sawest@bechtel.com, 509-371-5740), or visit the Hanford Vit Plant on Flickr.

Hanford Vit Plant

Hanford VITHanford VIT aerialHanford VIT Plant night time

High-Level Waste Vitrification Facility

HLAWHLAW aerialHigh-Level Waste Vitrification Facility

Low-Activity Waste Vitrification Facility

Low-Activity Waste FacilityLow-Activity Waste VitrificationNight time Low-Level Waste Vitrification Facility

Analytical Laboratory

Hanford Analytical LaboratoryAnalytical Laboratory Hanford VIT PlantAerial of Analytical Laboratory

Balance of Facilities

BOF pipingBalance of Facilities Tankspiping Balance of Facilities

Pretreatment Facility

aerial view pre-treatment facilityconstructing pre-treatment facilityPre-treatment facility interior