Ensuring Safety in the Design

With more than 20 years of experience in the nuclear industry, including five at an operating facility, Tifany understands the importance of ensuring safety and quality.

Before joining the Vit Plant in 2013, Tifany worked at the Pantex Plant in Texas, the nation’s primary facility for the final assembly, dismantlement, and maintenance of nuclear weapons. There, Tifany served as the nuclear safety manager, overseeing the design and operational requirements for operations.

“Pantex is an operating nuclear facility with a fully developed safety analysis,” Tifany said. “There, I met operating challenges head on and learned how to deal with them. I’m now applying that experience to helping ensure we have a safe, high-quality, and operable facility.”

At the Vit Plant, Tifany leads the team working on the Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) for the plant’s Low-Activity Waste Vitrification Facility. The DSA is a comprehensive document that details technical safety requirements, regulations, and hazard and accident analyses. Completing it is a massive collaborative effort between the plant’s engineers and operations and nuclear safety specialists.

"To receive approval to operate, we have to prove through thorough documentation that we have met all requirements and regulations. The DSA will provide the documentation and support safe operations."


The DSA is a 6,000-page document that identifies the safety controls for operations. Upon approval by the Department of Energy, it will move the Vit Plant closer to processing Hanford’s low-activity waste as soon as 2022.