Proud to be a Part of the Vit Plant Team

Kim has more than 30 years of experience in engineering, project controls, andproject management—nearly all have been in the nuclear industry. Throughout hercareer, Kim has worked at nuclear power plants and at clean-up and storage sites.

At Savannah River, a clean-up site similar to Hanford, Kim served in various positions, including project manager of the plutonium packaging and stabilization project. She identified technical requirements and integrated nuclear safety and quality standards into the design and construction. The project was successfully completed, saving the federal government millions of dollars.

Kim is now the area project manager for two of the Vit Plant’s major nuclear facilities and all of its support buildings. She applies her expertise to designing and building a safe Vit Plant. She understands the risks that Hanford’s waste poses to the community and the nearby Columbia River.

We’ve gone above and beyond in the design

to protect the workers, community, and environment.

“We are on a path to building a plant that will safely perform its mission. We needto stay on that path and get to processing waste. The design is robust and ouremployees are committed. They care about what they’re doing. That gives me greatconfidence that we will get the job done and get it done right.”


  • Hanford produced plutonium to support the defense of our nation during World War II and the Cold War. These efforts resulted in 56 million gallons of radioactive waste, currently stored in aging underground tanks.
  • The Tri-Cities housed Hanford and took on the associated risks. It is our duty, as a nation, to provide a plant that will safely process the leftover radioactive waste in return for this community’s service to our country.