Protecting Her Family and Yours

Heidi is proud to have served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Nuclear Navy. She worked alongside some of the best in the nuclear industry, upholding the highest safety and quality standards. Heidi now uses her more than 20 years of nuclear experience—in the Nuclear Navy and nuclear power and fuel industries—to ensure safety and quality in the design of the Vit Plant.

“A strong nuclear safety and quality culture is not something we put on and take off; it becomes a part of us. It’s part of our core, and it starts with understanding the significance of the Vit Plant mission. We must protect the public with our design.”

Heidi joined the Vit Plant team in 2004 and has been involved as a project engineer in designing three of the Vit Plant’s four major nuclear facilities.

I am confident in the Vit Plant design.

Our design processes apply the same rigor as those implemented in the Nuclear Navy and in industry. Combine our solid, quality-based processes with our technical expertise, and I know the Vit Plant will safely fulfill its mission.


  • The mission, for Heidi, is about protecting her country and is rooted in the fact that she grew up just 200 miles northeast of the Hanford Site.
  • Serving in the Nuclear Navy is something I am extremely proud of, and I feel the Vit Plant mission allows me to continue serving my country. It provides me with that same level of pride. We are working to protect our country from radioactive waste that threatens the Columbia River, the Pacific Northwest and our way of life.