Bringing Passion and Vision to the Project

Felice (Feh-lee-chay) has more than 20 years of engineering, construction, and project management experience. He has successfully managed complex transportation jobs around the world, including roadways, high-speed railways, airports, and tunnels. He ensured they were completed safely, with quality, and on time, while minimizing impacts to the traveling public.

“It was my signature on the paperwork that said we were ready to run trains at 125 miles per hour with thousands of commuters per day, and they were safe to operate,” Felice says. “It was a heck of a responsibility, and I took it seriously.”

Felice now applies that experience, as well as his technical background in fluid dynamics and program engineering management, to leading the Vit Plant’s most challenging nuclear facility—the Pretreatment Facility. Work on the facility has been paused as technical teams evaluate and test engineering solutions that underpin facility design.

I have a clear vision of success. . . pivoting the facility back to full-production engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC).

There is no question that Felice is passionate about his vision and excited about seeing EPC work resume on the Pretreatment Facility. “I love the challenge of this job and this facility. I work with a great team, and we are putting all of our energy into this pivot so we can finish the facility and, ultimately, the Vit Plant.”


  • The Pretreatment Facility will separate high-level waste from low-activity waste. It is the only facility of its kind and will handle some of the most complex radioactive and chemical waste on the planet.
  • Technical decisions are being made by internal and external teams of experts from industry, academia, and national labs to ensure safe and effective operations of the facility, protecting workers and the environment.