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Bechtel donates $12,000 to Bite2Go program for needy kids

School-age kids in need will be better prepared to learn thanks to Bechtel donation to Second Harvest's Bite2Go program.

Bechtel National Inc. has donated $12,000 as a sustaining partner for the 2017-18 academic year to Second Harvest’s Bite2Go program, which provides food supplies to children in need over the weekend during the school year. Bite2Go kits help ensure school-age kids have nourishment over the weekend and, as a result, are better prepared to learn during the week.

“Children need nourishment in order to learn, and the Bite2Go program helps these students succeed in life,” said Bechtel Senior Vice President Brian Reilly.

Bechtel employees have been active in supporting Second Harvest, through sort nights and mobile food banks over the past several years. Reilly, along with more than 25 Bechtel employees, will participate in a Bite2Go Build, in which volunteers put together the kits, on Friday, March 23.

“I’m participating in the Build because I believe strongly in the Second Harvest mission to fight hunger and feed hope,” said Reilly, who is Bechtel's project director at the Hanford Vit Plant.

In 2016, Bechtel donated $14,400 for the 2016-2017 academic year. As a sustaining partner, Bechtel’s contribution allows Second Harvest to direct the funds to whichever school most needs financial support to provide kits to its students.

According to Second Harvest, the kits include a good mix of healthy, kid-friendly, easy-to-open, single-serving nonperishable food items that cover four meals and three snacks that don’t require preparation or cooking over a weekend.

The Build comes just a few weeks before Bechtel and its collaborators kick off the 2018 KNDU Family Food Drive, for which Bechtel is a sponsor. Bechtel has been a sponsor of the Family Food Drive since 2005.

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