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Safety & Quality

4-Year Comparison Graph - WTP Project

Safety and quality are at the forefront of design and construction at the Vit Plant. The scale of the project and the hazards of Hanford’s waste combine to present unique challenges. Bechtel and the Department of Energy are committed to ensuring that future workers will have safe, reliable facilities and that the public and environment are protected during Vit Plant operations.

Part of ensuring safety and quality is fostering a strong safety culture that will carry through to commissioning and operations. We are committed to cultivating that culture through three focus areas: leadership, employee engagement and organizational learning. We continually work to make improvements to our safety culture, including enhancing management communication of commitments and expectations for nuclear safety and quality and training more than 2,500 employees and their managers in these principles. We strive to provide our employees with the information and tools they need to actively implement these focus areas in their everyday work.

Our Philosophy

Bechtel is dedicated to the concept that all accidents are preventable. Accordingly, the company is committed to achieving and sustaining “zero accident performance” through continuous improvement practices.

Our Objectives

  • Strive to eliminate all injuries and illnesses.
  • Promote environmental, safety and health objectives as a constant value in designing, planning, training and executing work.
  • Spread ownership for environmental, safety and health program effectiveness throughout the organization.
  • Enhance employee awareness and involvement in our environmental, safety and health program implementation.
  • Increase employees’ consistent utilization of safe practices in their daily work activities.
  • Optimize the use of continuous improvement practices as the basis for zero-accident performance initiatives.
  • Demonstrate to customers that Bechtel is dedicated to safety excellence.
  • Select subcontractors who are committed to zero-accident performance.