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Qualification Process

Supplier/Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

It is the policy of Bechtel to pre-qualify its bidders for procurement and subcontracting opportunities. The process for becoming pre-qualified requires the active participation of our current and future suppliers and subcontractors.

The information you provide via the pre-qualification process page will be utilized to assess your company’s general capability. While the WTP Project seeks to maximize the use of competition for most project subcontract/purchase opportunities the completion of the general and project specific pre-qualification process does not guarantee participation in any RFP.

Full and open competition on the WTP Project is not required. However, the WTP Project seeks to ensure a sufficient number of prequalified firms meeting the general and project specific criteria are invited to bid in order to provide for an adequate level of competition for each RFP. The determination of the adequate level of competition (final list of participants) is at the sole discretion of the WTP Project Team. Subsequent to WTP Project Team approval of the final list, RFP’s will be made available on an Invitation ONLY basis.

Supplier Registration Instructions

Registering will enable you to be considered in the procurements listed on this site which includes the Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant. Registration alone does not assure acceptance. Registration is the minimum required for the pre-qualification process (see section "Pre-Qualification Process Requirements"). The information you provide will be posted to Bechtel's Global Supplier database and made available to other Bechtel projects worldwide.

NOTE: You do not need to register to view the Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization web site, but in order to participate in procurements posted on this web site, you must register and submit requested documents per the Qualification Process requirements. By maintaining a current and complete registration, you maximize your visibility to Bechtel projects and your opportunities for new work.

Pre-Qualification Process Requirements

The following items are required as part of the pre-qualification process and should be submitted/uploaded directly to the Supplier Registration Portal:

  • Experience Statements
  • Manufacturing Data Checklist
  • QA Program Datasheet - Submit an outline or table of contents for your company Quality Assurance Program manual. Be sure to include your plan basis (NQA-1, DOE/RW-0333P QARD, or other standards, as appropriate).
  • Safety & Health History Form (applicable to Construction and Site Services Subcontracts only)
  • Organization Chart
  • Socio-Economic Business Verification (as applicable)
  • Audited Financial Report or Annual Report - Last three fiscal years
  • Any other Company Information you would like to provide
  • A copy of your Quality Program Documents may be requested individually by Bechtel project.
  • Safety and Health Program Guidelines and Questionnaire

Bechtel is dedicated to the concept that all accidents are preventable. Accordingly, we are committed to achieving and sustaining “Zero Accident Performance.” Review and evaluation of your company’s Safety and Health history is an integral part of our evaluation process. Your submittal of the Safety and Health Questionnaire is required, as mentioned above. Please also review the Acceptable Program Guidelines.

Quality Assurance Programs

The River Protection Project - Waste Treatment Plant facility processes nuclear and chemical materials. As a nuclear facility, equipment and services provided must comply with quality assurance program requirements commensurate with the applicable level of safety. The quality assurance program requirements range from nuclear programs (ASME NQA-1 2000 including supplements, NQA-2a part 2.7, DOE-RW-0333P QARD Rev 10 and DOE O 414.1C) to industrial programs (ISO-9000 and ASME Section VIII) and commercial quality practices. The philosophy is to specify technical requirements and applicable quality criteria based on the safety classification and operational reliability needs. Specific requirements will be detailed in each solicitation.

For RPP-WTP, procurements are categorized as Safety Related or Q-list (QL), Non-safety Related (CM) and when necessary, Commercial Dedicated (CD). Safety related (QL) procurements require quality assurance programs that are currently implemented, functioning, and verifiable. NQA-1 2000 is the baseline for QL procurements. For Non-Safety related (CM designated) items, where equipment operational reliability is important, appropriate “industry standard” quality systems may be necessary. DOE O 414.1C is the baseline for CM procurements.

Suppliers of equipment and services will be evaluated and qualified based in part on the order applicable quality program requirements. Where needed, quality program documentation will be requested, evaluated, and verified. For QL procurements, onsite program audits, and monitoring will likely be performed prior to and/or during the period of the procurement.

Click to view The RPP-WTP General Specifications For:

ASME NQA-1-2000, Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Nuclear Facilities, is still in print and available directly from the ASME. Suppliers or anyone may order copies by using the ASME web site or toll free number below. The document does have a COPYRIGHT.

QA Point of Contact: Jim Ziemba
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Implementing NQA-1 Programs

The below guide is a reference tool to aid the supplier in implementing their NQA-1 programs. It's intended to be used by primary chain functions, to include supplier's general management, contract administration, engineering, procurement, production, and quality assurance. This guide provides current information and significant Project lessons learned through interaction with the Project supply chain, including frequently asked questions (FAQs) and good practice examples on the subject of nuclear quality assurance.

Procurement Suspect/Counterfeit Items Program

Bechtel is committed to effective controls for the prevention, detection, and disposition of Suspect/Counterfeit Items (S/CI) to mitigate any potential safety threat in the operating complex.

The underlying principle in procurement is that suppliers demonstrate they are capable of delivering items conforming to specified requirements.

Suppliers are required to assure that suspect or counterfeit materials are not provided as part of the Material or Product for delivery under any agreement pertaining to the WTP project.

Bechtel will inspect material for attributes common to S/CI by personnel who are trained to recognize S/CI. All S/CI discovered are the Supplier’s responsibility and must be replaced with items free from any suspect or counterfeit condition.

Please familiarize yourself with the information found on the Suspect/Counterfeit Items webpage.

Point of Contact: Mary Belkle
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)