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Nuclear Safety & Quality Culture

The Vit Plant is huge, complex and highly regulated, and for good reason. The waste that the Vit Plant will process is toxic and radioactive. Dealing with these dangerous materials demands the highest level of quality in engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. The answer to this challenge is our nuclear safety and quality culture (NSQC).

Safety Culture is a Mindset

The discipline required to successfully execute this project is no less exacting than that required to build nuclear power plants. In some ways, our discipline must be even stronger, because the Vit Plant is the largest and most complex radioactive waste treatment facility in the world.

At the Vit Plant, we know that NSQC is critical to the success of our project. Culture is a set of beliefs that strongly influences our actions. Our culture involves taking ownership and pride in our work, having questioning attitudes, continuous improvement and procedure compliance.

A strong questioning attitude leads us to raise issues and make suggestions without fear of reprisal. We follow procedure. If it becomes unclear or impossible to follow a procedure as written, we resolve the issue before we continue the work.

A strong safety culture directs our actions in our work performance and every physical action we take. Each member of our team has the responsibility to question what doesn’t seem right, and raise issues that need resolution. We have a zero-retaliation policy that ensures our team can report any issue without fear of reprisal or hostility.

Each of us plays a role, and each has an effect; we all need to take safety and quality personally. Taking responsibility for actions means that each worker is proud to say “I did that calculation,” “I wrote that material requisition,” “I developed that purchase order,” “I inspected that shipment,” “I installed that component.” It means we are sure it was done right, every time.

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